What Are Lessons Like?



“Tea is only this;  boil the water, make the tea, and drink it properly.”  

A typical lesson is centered around mastering a multitude of procedures for making tea and setting charcoal to boil the water.  

In addition, students also learn about:

  •      Zen expressions
  •      the history of Tea
  •      art, architecture and crafts (pottery, lacquerware, bamboo work, etc)
  •      poetry and how it reflects the seasons
  •      Japanese confections, incense, flowers
  •      graceful movements
  •      basic manners
  •      caring for tea tools

The purpose of this regular study is to prepare students for attending and hosting tea gatherings.  Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to attend tea gatherings. Eventually, students will work together to host their own tea gatherings.  

Flowers for Practice (Wintersweet & Camellia)  蝋梅と椿 (稽古のお花)
Bunkyo Ward Practice Area 文京区の稽古場
Bunkyo Ward Practice Area 文京区の稽古場
Practicing the Basic Procedure 平点前の稽古
Dry Sweets for Thin Tea