20 Years of Teaching Experience

Ruth Sōshin Lionberger is a native of Nebraska (USA), Ms. Lionberger has spent over 20 years in Japan, working in education and international relations. She began studying the Way of Tea in 2000, receiving her tea name, Sōshin, in 2010. From April 2015 to March 2016, Ms. Lionberger was enrolled in the research course at the Urasenke Gakuen Professional College of Chadō in Kyoto.

She teaches the Way of Tea to Japanese and non-Japanese audiences, in both English and Japanese. She is particularly interested in coaching Japanese tea teachers to effectively introduce & teach tea to non-Japanese. Ms. Lionberger is also an Assistant Professor of General Studies at Lakeland University Japan.

アメリカのネブラスカ州出身でライアンバーガー 宗心 ルースは20年以上日本にすんでいました。教育と国際交流が専門。2000年で茶道に入門、2010年「宗心」の茶名をいただいきました。2016年3月に京都で裏千家学園茶道専門学校の研究科コース(3ヶ月+6ヶ月)を修了しています。日本語でも、英語でも日本人と外国人に茶道を教えられます。茶道を外国人に教える方法を日本の先生方にも指導させていただきます。

Outside Kabuto-mon.

Ms. Lionberger has done lectures & demonstrations for Diamond Princess Cruises, Yokohama City University, Lakeland University Japan, the University of Nebraska, FEW Japan, Hotel & Residence Roppongi, Sakata-no-Tane and others. 

Ruth Lionberger does a demonstration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.