Tea Services

Demonstrations, Lectures, Professional Support

Demonstration & Short Lecture   (The Way of Tea: A Meaningful Introduction)

  •      One-time Event:  90 minutes.
  •      Recommended for beginners, including tourists.
  •      5000 yen per person (about $45US)
  •      Central Tokyo
  •      Includes a short talk, 2 demonstrations, hands-on tea-whisking experience and many chances to ask questions and take photos in a beautiful Japanese tatami room, situated in a traditional Japanese garden.
  •      Learn about the philosophy, history and aesthetics of this world-renowned art.
  •      2-person minimum; 10-person maximum.


有意義な時間〜茶道  (茶道を通じて日本文化を習得しましょう!)

  • 抹茶を飲むだけではなく、日本の文化の中での歴史などを知りたい人たちに。
  • 簡単な説明と二回のデモンストレーション、抹茶を点てる体験。
  • 聞きたいことは、いつでも質問どうぞ!
  • 一人/5000円 (90分)
  • 二人から10人まで
  • 文京区東京都
Demonstration for FEW Japan
Demonstration for Hotel & Residence Roppongi

One-Time Lecture

  •      Content created to match the audience.
  •      Recommended for schools (junior high school to graduate school).
  •      Cost depends on audience, material, length, etc.
  •      Some possible themes:
    • What is Tea Ceremony, Anyway? (basic introduction) 
    • Why Study Japanese Culture? (inspirational message)
    • Introducing Japanese Culture to Non-Japanese. (cross-cultural)
    • An American Woman Encounters Tea (humorous personal experience)
Lakeland University Japan Lecture Series

Series of Lessons or Lectures

  • Multi-part Lectures (3-part, 5-part or 10-part)
  • Recommended for diplomats, interpreters, tour guides, community colleges.
  • Cost depends on length of series, content of lessons/lectures, number of participants.
Diamond Princess Cruises’ Theater
Diamond Princess Cruises’ Lecture & Demo

Professional Support

  • Tea Event Production
  • Interpret for Japanese Teachers 
  • Guide/Escort Guests at a Tea Event
  • Private Coaching on the Way of Tea in English
Lakeland University Japan Students at Meishoan
Lakeland Student Tries Whisking Tea